Continuing Competency Program Information

Respiratory Therapists are required to continually update their knowledge and skills.

The new "E-Volve" Continuing Competency Program (CCP) was developed by the NSCRT Credential Committee in 2019.  It aims to ensure that all licensed members of the College maintain and further develop the competencies required to safely, competently and ethically provide clinically appropriate care. The program uses a supportive, self-directed approach to learning through an annual e-learning module and completion of a self-assessment tool used to identify annual learning goals that relate to their practice.  Access to an online learning log allows members to record their learning activities as they occur. 

Click the link for the "E-Volve" Continuing Competency Program manual.  The manual includes instructions on the CCP components and a "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" section. 

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