Continuing Competency Program Information

Respiratory Therapists are required to continually update their knowledge and skills.

The NSCRT established Continuing Education Requirements that were revised in 2010 to the Continuing Competency Program. This program directs Respiratory Therapists through a self assessment to establish annual learning goals that relate to their practice and provides a log to record learning activities.

The Continuing Competency Program and forms can be found on this page.

The first audit of the 2010 NSCRT Continuing Competency Program was completed in June 2011 with twenty-five members submitting to the audit. All audited portfolios met the requirements of the CCP with many exceeding the requirements. It was impressive to see the extensive and varied continuing education that these RTs undertook last year. Congratulations!

It appeared however that many portfolios were developed in response to the audit request rather than ongoing practice. We hope to see RTs adopt the pro-active methods outlined in the CCP of self review of practice, identification of learning goals based on the self review and logging of learning activities. Manitaining an ongoing learning log is less work than developing one for a full year. We welcome your feedback on the CCP.

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