Medi-Lexco Respiratory Therapy free app

Medi-Lexico Respiratory Therapy is a free iPhone and Android app for Health Care Professionals. This ap is offering French/English lexicon of medical terminology. It contains audio clips and allows you to find a specific medical term. listen to its pronunciation, commicate with more confidence and improve your vocabulary at any time. 

It includes a total of 195 specific medical terms in each language. To learn more or access see Medi-Lexico


NSCRT Hires a Deputy Registrar

The NSCRT Board of Directors are pleased to announce the hiring of Tara Planetta as the Deputy Registrar. Tara was selected from among three very qualified respiratory therapists and we wish to thank those who applied for this position. This is a part-time position and Tara will dedicate most of her time with the NSCRT to supporting professional practice.

Tara has be a practicing respiratory therapist for more than fifteen years and brings a broad spectrum of experience to this position. She has worked in acute care, critical care, home care, hyperbaric medicine, and student clinical preceptorship. Tara has volunteered on various committees in the workplace to advance the practice of respiratory therapists. Tara also brings to the position enthusium and dedication to her chosen profession. Welcome Tara and we look forward to working with you. 



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