NSCRT 2019 Election: Director-at-Large Position

Call for Nominations!
Have you been considering taking a more active approach in your involvement with the NSCRT?  The NSCRT Nominations Committee is seeking nominations from active practice members who are interested in becoming a Director-at-Large.  The election will be held at the annual general meeting October 25, 2019. The NSCRT values your experience and your involvement.  
The duties of a Director-at-Large include:
1. Participate fully as a member of the Board;
2. Sit as a member of one or more statutory committees, with committee responsibilities to be agreed upon between the Member-at-Large and the President;
3. Chair committees of the Board;
4. Participate as a member of task forces formed to advance specific projects or initiatives of the College;
5. Accept direction and duties as assigned by the President of the Board; and
6. Attend, via teleconference or in-person, NSCRT Board meetings (4-6 per year)


For more information on nominations or if you have any specific questions regarding the roles and responsibilities of a Director at Large, please contact one of the following individuals:

Adam Gillis - Committee Chair                                 president@nscrt.com

James Fitzpatrick - Committee member                    James.Fitzpatrick@nshealth.ca

Laura Betts - Committee member                             laura.betts@iwk.nshealth.ca

McMaster University: Master of Health Management

McMaster University offers an on-line Master program, directed to healthcare professionals who are seeking to assume or have assumed a leadership role in a variety of healthcare sectors.  Graduates of the program will demonstrate new knowledge and skills in communication, political and healthcare environments, organizational behaviour and human resources management, research awareness and leadership.  This on-line, part-time, course based degree fits easily into an individual’s lifestyle. 

For more information please view the website.

Announcement involving accrediation of Respiratory Therapy Education Programs

Announcement involving Accrediation of Respiratory Therapy Programs

On October 16th, 2017, the CSRT announced the board of director's decision that the CSRT would refocus on strategic paths more closely tied to its mandate as a national professional association, leaving the regulatory requirements of accreditation to the regulatory bodies. Read more



Medi-Lexco Respiratory Therapy free app

Medi-Lexico Respiratory Therapy is a free iPhone and Android app for Health Care Professionals. This ap is offering French/English lexicon of medical terminology. It contains audio clips and allows you to find a specific medical term. listen to its pronunciation, commicate with more confidence and improve your vocabulary at any time. 

It includes a total of 195 specific medical terms in each language. To learn more or access see Medi-Lexico


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