Scope of Practice

Respiratory Therapy means the application of professional Respiratory Therapy knowledge, skills, and judgement in the provision of diagnostic, assessment, and therapeutic modalities to assist in the management of cardio-respiratory and related disorders to achieve optimal respiratory health, wellness, and functional performance and includes, but is not limited to,

  • conduct patient cardio-respiratory assessment,
  • perform basic respiratory care therapy modalities,
  • perform airway management techniques,
  • optimize pulmonary ventilation,
  • apply medical gas therapy,
  • provide cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and stability,
  • administer prescribed pharmaceutical substances,
  • procure blood samples from various sites,
  • perform pulmonary diagnostic testing,
  • perform cardiac diagnostic testing,
  • perform hemodynamic monitoring,
  • perform hyberbaric medicine therapy,
  • perform anaesthesia assistance,
  • such delegated medical functions as are approved in accordance with the medical act,
  • educate patients, families, colleagues and health care professionals concerning respiratory care,
  • such other aspects of respiratory therapy as may be prescribed in regulations approved by the Governor in Council, and research, administration, and education relevant to the above.

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