Welcome to the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists (NSCRT). Respiratory Therapy is a self regulated healthcare profession as legislated by the  Respiratory Therapists Act of Nova Scotia.         

What is the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists?
The Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists is a professional regulatory body that regulates the practice of respiratory therapists in Nova Scotia for protection of the public. The NSCRT sets the educational requirements for entry to practice, licenses qualified candidates to practice respiratory therapy, establishes standards of practice for its members, develops continuing education requirements for practitioners and intervenes when there is violation of professional conduct standards.

The Mission of the Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapists is to promote excellence in the practice of respiratory therapy and ensure public confidence in the profession.

What is a Respiratory Therapist?
Respiratory Therapists are highly skilled health care professionals. They care for patients by evaluating, treating, and maintaining cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) function. Respiratory  Therapists have specialized medical expertise and use advanced medical technology. They are educated to treat all age groups, from newborns to the elderly.

Respiratory Therapists work with other health care professionals in various hospital settings such as intensive care units, emergency departments, operating rooms, nurseries and general wards as well as outpatient clinics, specialized medical centres, and patients’ homes.