Applicants Outside Canada

Respiratory Therapist educated or graduated from a respiratory therapy program outside Canada or -Health care professional educated outside Canada in another related health care field of practice.

The NSCRT will do an assessment of the applicant’s formal education program and clinical experience to determine if it is substantially equivalent to the entry to practice requirements for NSCRT registration.The applicant will be required to undergo a competency assessment to verify if they possess all of the competencies required to enter practice as a respiratory therapist in Nova Scotia.

A health care professional who has demonstrated competency in many but not all required competencies may require further education to attain these competencies.

A health care professional who has not achieved a substantially equivalent respiratory therapy education may be recommended to apply for regular entry into the full-time respiratory therapy program in Nova Scotia, or any of the accredited respiratory therapy education programs across Canada.

Before completing any of the forms listed please see Candidate Guide for information about the competency assessment process and costs.

In order for the NSCRT to determine your eligibility for registration (licence), you must complete the pre-registration process, including:

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